Image of the Day – WoW UI Tips

by pandaelf

Sean wrote in with his experiences and tips for setting up a custom WoW interface to use with everyAir. A screenshot of his setup and his experiences are explained below!

Sean writes: “I just wanted to write in and let you know how much I’m loving everyAir so far. I’ve included a screenshot to show you my current UI setup. It’s incredibly basic and built for use with everyAir. It also still needs some work. I plan to replace the default unit frames with something more basic for instance.

You’ll see in the screenshot that I’ve tried to set things up so that I can keep the dpads up as much as possible. I’m using Bartender to create two columns of buttons on the left side (only 3 abilities visible at the moment) and two columns on the right side as well. The basic idea being that spell casting with your thumbs from the side of the iPad would be easier than trying to reach into the center. The bottom left ability with the Macro text of “Target” is a simple macro to target the nearest mob (since I don’t have a tab key).

The reason I have that macro: Out of the box, I was having problems targeting mobs, then casting on them. I could target something, but then when I clicked an ability, I’d lose the target. So my solution was to enable sticky targeting so that targets are not cleared unless you hit the escape key. The second problem I found was that when clicking an ability, it would try to pick up that ability off the hotbar. I fixed that by enabling secure hotbar mode in bartender so that you can’t remove the abilities w/o holding down the shift key.”

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  1. Saturday, December 25th, 2010Hombre says:

    I recently downloaded every air and am playing with it for the first time this evening. I am starting to understand how it works. Now when you simplify your UI to be iPad functional, is this on a toon that you ONLY play on the iPad or is it a toon that you would play on the main computer as well. I am asking this because I do not want to be reconfiguring everything about my UI every time I switch back and forth between the 2 devices. I, frankly, hate configuring my UI these days. I sometimes feel like I do that more than actually playing the game.

    Any comments on this?

  2. Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011Ewout de Graaf says:

    I don’t know how it is with the current WOW application, but in the earlier days (upto level 80) it was fairly easy to copy the complete WOW setup to another computer, and run it from there. I found that much times easier then downloading and updating the app from the blizzard sites.

    So why don’t you create a complete copy of WOW on another drive (or in another directory) and modify it there? I think your UI will be unique for each directory you create. You only will have to update every copy separately when new releases come out. Small price to pay.

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